Website SEO Strategies for Start-ups

Mark Sprague start-up resources for Northeastern UniversityAll start-ups that develop a search engine marketing strategy should start with Advanced Keyword Research and a comprehensive Website Audit. Everything else flows from there – content strategy, linking strategy, page markup, social strategy, mobile strategy, local strategy and multilingual strategy. You have to get these two right for everything else to fall into place. 

Search Optimization has many flavors. If you do business regionally your requirements are much different from firms doing business nationally, and national requirements are different from companies doing business globally. There are also strategies around Linking, Content and Page Markup that impact your tactical execution of your SEO strategy. Here are a set of resources to help you sort through these issues.

Advanced Keyword Research / Search Behavior

What is a Search Behavior Model? Answer: It’s advanced keyword research…

No amount of SEO in the world will compensate for you not understanding your customers, and how they search for your products and services.

Search Behavior and Personas

How to put a human face on your customer.  The more you know about your customer the easier it is to focus your development and marketing strategies.

Search Behavior Models in Action

Call Mark Sprague about Search TechnologiesThe following are advanced keyword research deep-dives into consumer search behavior across different industries and markets. Look at these to see how this research helps focus content strategies, identify new content strategies and reveals additional landing page opportunities.

Start-ups do Grow Up – Enterprise SEO

At some point you will have a real company, with dozens or maybe even hundreds of employees. Not only do you have to deal with your out-facing content from your website, you now have to manage all those data silos that are important for running your company. The following deals with SEO issues in the Enterprise, which is very different from website SEO.

Social Media

Using social media personally does not provide the expertise required to run a business from these various platforms. These platforms are here to make money off you, and it makes good business sense to understand the rules that govern the use of their API’s, their advertising platforms and how you can integrate these platforms with your primary company website.

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