I developed a Search Behavior Model that showed how consumers searched for information, products and services in their industry, and this is what I found.

  • There were 12 million searches a year for over 30 distinct types of content.
  • There were 20 million searches a year for information about 75 different types of projects.
  • There were 24 million searches a year for two very strong informational topics. Top of the funnel content.
  • There were 5 million searches a year for specific information about products.

There were many more opportunities, but these were the highlights. They had some of the content I identified during the analysis. However, the analysis provided significant new opportunities for new Video content, How To primers and Plans. Bottom line, there were over 60 million content related searches a year identified in the analysis.

This gap analysis made it possible for the TV show to develop a longer-term content strategy for their website that will improve their future organic search footprint. Make no mistake – content is the fundamental building block for a successful website. In real estate it’s Location, Location, Location. In search it’s Content, Content, Content.

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