What is a First Page Search Result Listing Worth?

Here is a model for calculating what a listing on a Google first page search result is worth for the keyword phrase Boston Law Firms.  First, a few comments about the data in this model that appears in the chart below.

Calculating SEO ROI for Law Firms

Conversion Rate: I’m using a very conservative “conversion rate” here – 1.5%. The conversion rate for your website could be much higher.

Keyword Phrases: The data for this keyword phrase (Boston Law Firms) comes from Google Adwords.

Don’t Click Results: The percentage of consumers who do not click thru to a website was obtained by summing:

  1. Those searchers who clicked on ads.
  2. Those who clicked thru to page two search results.
  3. Those who refined their search query because they did not like the search results.
  4. Those who abandoned their search because they found the answer they were looking for in a search results summary (e.g., start time for the Celtics game).

This accounts for about 48% of search results, and the data was found at Search Engine Land, AOL and several university studies on search behavior.

Clicked on an Ad: This model has 15% of the traffic clicking on an ad. This variable reflects generic keywords and will differ if brand names are in the keyword phrase. Other industries may have different metrics as well.

Click Thru to Page Two: This model has 6% of traffic clicking thru to page two search results.

Refined Search QueryThis model has about 27% of the searchers reformulating their queries, or abandoning their search (various university studies).

Historical Click Distribution: The amount of click thru traffic for each position in a search result is all over the map depending upon which study you are looking at. In this model I chose data that was the most conservative.

The 18.2% click thru rate for the first position in search results is based on total monthly US traffic (12,100 searches).

The important take-away in this is that even with a very conservative model the click thru potential for page one search results is impressive – the first search result is worth 33 leads a month. If you aspire to show up on page one search results here is model for calculating the ROI for a generic keyword phrase for your Law Firm.

How to calculate ROI for SEO investment

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