Linking Strategies

A successfully executed back-linking strategy requires hard work

Three-Part Linking Strategy

Linking Strategy SEO by Mark SpragueYour linking strategy really requires three parts: linking strategically to other companies who are topically related to you; generating links from other high-quality sites back to you; and your intra-site linking strategy.  Think of these as the:

  1. In-Bound Link strategy
  2. Out-Bound Link strategy
  3. Intra-site Link strategy

You have complete control over your intra-site and out-bound link building strategies. These links should be chosen carefully so as not to dilute page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Validate all links with a link checking tool to ensure you’re not generating 404 errors for the crawler.
  2. Choose link text carefully so that the crawler does not reject or degrade the link. It’s best if you can work your most important keywords into these links. Don’t use terms like “More” or “Click here.”

What is a Quality Link?

In order to maximize your link building strategy for your top keyword phrase, it is useful to take a look at what makes up a high-quality link. Here are the top variables to keep in mind when you begin to execute your strategy.

  1. Your keyword phrase must be in the Anchor Text from external links pointing to your landing page, which needs to topically be about your product or service.
  2. The quantity of external links pointing to your landing page is a search relevancy variable. The more links pointing to you, the more important you are.
  3. The quality of external links pointing to your landing page is important. If the link exists as part of a content-rich page, this is even better.
  4. The in-bound links pointing to your landing page need to come from a wide variety of websites. Having a thousand links coming from just two websites is of low value.
  5. The Page Rank of the page where the link originates is very important. The higher the Page Rank the higher quality the link will be.
  6. Call now for free link building SEO consultationIn-bound links to your landing page that come from topically relevant websites are of higher value.
  7. Links from third-parties that point to your in-bound links is a quality factor. If lots of high-quality sites are linking to the websites that are linking to you, the links will be of higher quality.
  8. Links from pages that are just one or two clicks from the referring home page are more valuable than links that are buried seven levels deep.
  9. In-bound links that are tagged as “no follow” are of no value to you.

Rules of Thumb

There are a number of important factors that you should keep in mind when you are developing your In-Bound Link building strategy.

  • The reputation, trust and authority of the in-bound links are very important. The higher the page rank of the referring page, the better for you.
  • The text in the referring page of the in-bound links is very important – it provides clues to topical intent. The best outcome is that in-bound links contain your top keywords.
  • If the text in the in-bound link is also in the Title tag on the referring page, the link is more valuable.
  • In-bound links that are on-topic are more valuable than links that are off-topic. For example, a link from your partners will be more important than a link from your payroll firm.
  • Often, in-bound links from .Gov, .Edu, .Org sites are generally more valuable than those from .Com sites. Com sites are the source for the majority of spam. This is a good reason to cross-link with your charities and industry organizations.
  • The more in-bound links you have the better – provided they are not auto-generated, or originate from porn or hate sites.
  • A referring page with nothing but a list of links without text is not as valuable as a page with a link in a paragraph. In-bound links must have textual context.
  • Links from websites that have been around a long time are better than links from brand new-sites.
  • An in-bound link from a page that contains hundreds of links is not as valuable as a page with 25 links. The page-rank value of an individual link is diluted as the total number of links increase on a page.
  • Acquiring in-bound links too rapidly (i.e. purchasing links) can trigger the Google spam filter.
  • The stability of an in-bound link is a positive factor – frequently changing in-bound links can dilute the value.
  • An in-bound link at the top of a referring page is more valuable than a link at the bottom of the page. In-bound links that are buried in the website are of less value.
  • If the referring page is in the Yahoo or DMOZ directory, the link is more valuable.
  • If there is high keyword density around the text in the in-bound link, the link is more valuable.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, any single linking event moves the needle very little. It’s the successful execution of all the linking possibilities that allow you to increase critical mass and to maximize your page rank. There are no acceptable short cuts that won’t also get you into trouble. A successful link building strategy requires hard work and continuous monitoring.

Find Out More about Link Building SEO

There are many ways to generate quality links for your website. The following list outlines twenty areas that can be developed into an effective strategy for generating in-bound links. 

  1. Global Directories
  2. Local Search Engine Services’ Portals and Directories
  3. Business Listings
  4. Business Relationships
  5. Business Networks
  6. Non-Profit Organizations
  7. Individual People
  8. Value-Based Content
  9. Content Linking Strategies
  10. Events / Link Baiting Content
  11. Polls and Contests
  12. Publishing
  13. Public Relations
  14. Executive Blogging
  15. Advertising, Newsletters and Mobile Marketing
  16. Syndicate Content through Social Content Websites
  17. Company-Owned Websites and Eco-System Linking
  18. Linking Through Social Media Eco-System Integration
  19. In-Bound Link Eco-System
  20. Software Services and Hardware Devices
  21. Understanding Page Rank and Scope

If you are interested in exploring ways that you can increase in-bound links to your website send me (Mark Sprague) an email: Mark@MSprague.comor call me now at: 781-862-3126.

Lexington eBusiness Consulting

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Mark Sprague’s 25 years of product development experience, which includes expertise in Search Engines, Information Products, SEO platforms and Social Networking applications provide in-depth expertise to help you refine products and services, and improve your search engine marketing and websites performance by:

  • Developing a superior data-driven SEO strategy for your website.
  • Understanding your customers’ search behavior and normalizing it to your content strategy.
  • Understanding how search engine technology practically impacts SEO and content strategies.
  • Understanding how search technology impacts content in a social networking environment.
  • Developing a superior user experience based on sound information architecture, usability and coding standards.

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