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A single data point can improve advertising performanceThe value of a single data point can be considerable. A data point rarely exists in isolation, it has associated Meta data and text that can help you make intelligent decisions on how you target consumers for advertisements. For example, you can make a probabilistic assumption based on the statistical demographic data available for any simple zip code. Let’s take a look at the zip code 02420, which is Lexington, MA.  What conclusions could you make for advertising purposes if you had a data-driven assumption engine driving your advertising optimization strategy?  Let’s take a look at some of the associated data (Census), and look at what conclusions you could come to if all you had was a zip code to work with.

Advertising Opportunities

The most common crime in Lexington, Massachusetts is personal property theft.

  • Advertising Opportunity: Home security products and services.

Lexington has an EPA water quality rating of 43 – well below the US average.

  • Advertising Opportunity: Water filtration systems.

The average age of a house in Lexington is 43.7 years.

  • Advertising Opportunity: House maintenance, lead removal, and home improvement services – especially kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Nearly 40 percent of home owners in Lexington do not carry a mortgage.

  • Advertising Opportunity: Home equity and education loans – most children in Lexington go to college.

67 percent of Lexington’s adults are employed which implies a large number of stay-at-home moms (and retires). This is supported by the large bump in children shown in the demographic distribution chart below. 30% percent of residences are below the age of 18.

  • Advertising Opportunity: Parenting and other school-related services.

The median age in Lexington is 44.9 years. This implies the average household has teenagers, grown children, and children in college.

  • Advertising Opportunity: Down-sizing, travel, retirement and adult children’s weddings.

Advertising To Avoid

The demographic data also suggests areas where advertising should be curtailed. It’s likely that no advertising opportunities exist in Lexington in the following areas. For example:

  • There are very few 20 to 30 year-old adults living in Lexington – youth-oriented ads would be a waste.
  • 70% of households have been in their homes for over 10 years, which implies a marginal real estate advertising opportunity. They move in, and stay put until their children have finished college and married.
  • High household employment rates imply a marginal advertising opportunity for health insurance plans.

The value of data by Mark Sprague

More Associated Data 

There are other nuggets in the data that suggest other advertising / targeting opportunities.

  • 64% of adults are registered democrats.
  • 54% of residents are Catholic
  • 36%  are unmarried.
  • 80% of residents are professionals.
  • 31% are in health, education or social services.
  • Average expenditure on entertainment is $4571 per year.

Data Point # 2

Call now for free SEO consultationWhat if you could add a second data point to your assumption engine? What would it be? Name, age or gender? Gender would be my choice – figuring out gender is tougher – but you can make a reasonable stab at a person’s gender based upon search behavior. For example, here are a couple of things search engines know:

  • Women use more search terms than men do.
  • Women will review double the search results than men do.
  • Women’s search sessions last 60% longer than men’s.
  • Men execute 50% more searches than women each week.
  • Men will search for more entertainment and leisure activities, while women will focus more on educational content.

There is that there is an enormous amount of demographic and search behavior data that can be harnessed to drive an assumption engine that could support advertising and shopping experiences. This can be very important when a visitor navigates to your website for the first time. If you knew I was a 44 year-old man from Lexington, what services would you try to sell me? If your site was ad-supported, would there be an advertising arbitrage opportunity for you?

So you see, it’s astounding what you can assume from a single point of data! The trick is to get the consumer to cough up their zip code – which is not that hard.

Find Out More

To find out more about keyword research and optimizing for consumer behavior send me an email at Mark@MSprague.com or call me now at 781-862-3126.

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