Page Rank of no Value

Page Rank of no Value by Mark SpragueA while back I came across a post at HubSpot that declared Google’s Page Rank as irrelevant. I do agree with the basic premise of the post that way too many people obsess over this single metric. When you consider that over 200 variables come to play in a search – it is hard to make the case that any single one is dominant. I would counter that TF/IDF is more important when it comes to relevancy than Page Rank. I think the two together produce better results in most cases. Where Page Rank shines (call it trust if you like) is when you are dealing with ambiguous search terms. To illustrate this at work, try searching on the word “THE” and examine the results.

Search Results for “The”

Page one search result for the term “The” illustrate the value of Pagerank.

  1. The Onion
  2. The White House
  3. The Industries
  4. The Economist
  5. The Journal
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Wikipedia
  8. The Pirate
  9. The Nation
  10. The New York Times

Call now for free SEO consultationThe term “THE” has no relevance value. It appears in large numbers on every page on the Internet. So, clearly something else is coming into play here…and that is Page Rank. When Google published their original paper about Page Rank back in the late 90′s they called this out as one of the benefits of their Page Rank algorithm.

The down-side of Page Rank is the Wikipedia problem – It drives me crazy that it takes up 10 to 20 percent of a search result page. 

Page Rank is not irrelevant it is simply evolving. Google’s desire to have people not obsess with this is understandable – these obsessions generate more work for them (i.e. link farm detection etc.).

If you have to obsess on something, it should be around producing high-quality websites with rich content, and quality user experiences.

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