Preparing for a SEO Audit

Preparing for a SEO Audit by Mark Sprague

To get the best out of your SEO audit you should start your first meeting with your SEO consultant with a statement that describes exactly what you want your website to accomplish. To that end, you should think about crafting a vision statement that describes the following goals.

SEO Vision Statement for the Website

What do you want to accomplish with the website? What do you want a visitor to do when they arrive?

What are the five most important pages in your website in order of priority? Why is each page important? What problem does it solve?

What are the goals for this SEO project?

  • Generate more visitors through organic traffic?
  • Improve your search results standings?
  • Rank for your brand name or generic keywords?
  • Generate leads /capture names and email addresses?
  • Generate more revenue?
  • Increase subscriptions?
  • Educate customers about products and services?
  • Other goals?_____________________________

What is the Nature of Your Business

  1. Is your business local – do most of your customers live within 25 miles of your business?
  2. A majority of searches are made on hand-held devices. Do you have a mobile strategy?
  3. Do you do business globally? Are your customers multilingual?
  4. Are product images an important part of your website?
  5. Do you have a social media strategy? Can you name all the parts of your social eco-system?

Working Knowledge of the Technology

One of the problems a website owner will have is to understand the concepts and terminology that the SEO consultant uses. Obtaining a basic understanding of the concepts that underpin website development, search engine technologies and SEO constructs will go a long way toward improving your desired outcome for your project.

  1. Do you know what Pagerank is, and how it works?
  2. Do you understand how TF/IDF works (search relevancy)?
  3. Do you know the difference between “off page” and “on page” elements?
  4. Do you know how crawlers work?
  5. Do you know the basics of HTML (tags in particular)?
  6. Do you know what XML is (as in XML sitemaps)?
  7. Do you know have a good grasp of the factors that influence rankings?
  8. Do you know what a 301 Redirect is, and the implication for a search engine?

What Your SEO Consultant Does Not Know

Call now for free SEO Audit consultationWhen you engage a SEO consultant it is worth understanding that a consultant’s knowledge is not infinite. No SEO firm knows what Google knows about their search technologies – period. Google does not talk about how their search algorithms work. They do not talk about how their pre-processing filters work (e.g., spam detection, duplicate document detection). They do not talk about pagerank, and they will not tell you how many sites are linking to your competitor’s website. If your SEO consultant is a Lucene developer, or has worked for a major search engine company (such as Attivio, Endeca or Lucid Imagination) this can be a major plus.

Keep in mind that engaging an SEO firm can produce mixed results – no matter how good they are!  Here are several problems that a SEO consultant can’t solve for you – read It’s Easy to Fail at SEO to find out what your firm will have to do to insure that your SEO consultant / project succeeds.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about SEO Audits and improving your websites performance give me (Mark Sprague) a call now at: 781-862-3126, or send me a note: Mark@MSprague.com

Lexington eBusiness Consulting

About Lexington eBusiness Consulting

Providing comprehensive SEO Audits and services to the Asheville NC community…

Mark Sprague’s 25 years of product development experience, which includes expertise in Search Engines, Information Products, SEO platforms and Social Networking applications provide in-depth expertise to help you refine products and services, and improve your search engine marketing and websites performance by:

  • Developing a superior data-driven SEO strategy for your website.
  • Understanding your customers’ search behavior and normalizing it to your content strategy.
  • Understanding how search engine technology practically impacts SEO and content strategies.
  • Understanding how search technology impacts content in a social networking environment.
  • Developing a superior user experience based on sound information architecture, usability and coding standards.

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